Hosting a Party at the HEIAN JINGU SHRINE Restaurant & Banquet Hall

The many impressive aspects of the Heian Jingu Shrine such as its vermilion-colored buildings and beautiful white sand emphasize the tradition and prestige at this shrine. The HEIAN JINGU SHRINE Restaurant & Banquet Hall is located within the shrine grounds and next to the "Shin-en Garden", which is a garden that has been designated by the Japanese Government as a Place of Scenic Beauty and is approximately 33,060 square meters in size. In contrast to the magnificent image of the vermilion shrine gate (Torii) and gorgeous shrine buildings, the view of the vast garden gives the venue a calm and quiet atmosphere. At this venue you can feel the seasons such as the weeping cherry trees in full bloom during the spring and autumn foliage in the fall while enjoying exquisite traditional Japanese cuisine that is prepared using in season and local ingredients from Kyoto. Reserve this luxurious space where guests can enjoy refined Kyoto cuisine, exceptional hospitality, and the charm of the different seasons while getting a feel for the tradition that continues to be passed down since the Heian period.

Party Plans

We offer traditional Japanese course meals that incorporate classic Japanese cooking techniques and feature local ingredients from Kyoto. In addition to the lunch and dinner course meals, we offer party plans with a buffet along with various seasonal party plans.


September 2018 - Grand Reopening of the SEIHOU-DEN and GEIHIN-DEN!

The venue has been renovated to provide a space where guests can enjoy traditional Kyoto cuisine and various Japanese cultural experiences along with a view of the "Shin-en Garden", a garden that has been designated by the Japanese Government as a Place of Scenic Beauty.


  • Venue Size : 324.4㎡
  • Capacity(Seated) : 180 people
  • Capacity (Standing) : 200 people


  • Venue Size : 179.3㎡
  • Capacity(Seated) : 96 people
  • Capacity (Standing) : 120 people


We serve traditional Japanese cuisine at our venue, which is representative of the food culture that has been carefully passed down over the years in Kyoto. The food features seasonal ingredients that have been produced in the beautiful nature and hand picked by our head chef. These ingredients are prepared using traditional cooking methods that allow guests to use all five of their senses to enjoy the food that embodies the five colors, five tastes, and five cooking methods, a basic principle in traditional Japanese cuisine. Furthermore, the food is presented in a way that is suitable for any special occasion. Please come and enjoy this refined Japanese cuisine along with our exceptional hospitality.

Tourist Attractions

The Heian Jingu Shrine is a popular tourist destination as it is part of one of Kyoto's 3 Most Famous Festivals and visited by many for their traditional first shrine visit of the New Year (Hatsumoude). Below is an introduction to some of the must-see spots and events in the Heian Jingu Shrine that we recommend you visit.


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97 Okazaki Nishitennocho, Sakyo Ward, Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture

◆ About 3 minute-walk from Kyoto City Bus “Okazaki Koen / Bijutsukan, Heian Jingu-mae” Bus Stop
◆ About 10 minute-walk from Kyoto Subway Tozai Line “Higashiyama” Station
◆ About 20 minutes-drive from Meishin Expressway Kyoto Higashi IC
◆ About 20 minutes-drive from JR Kyoto Station